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Subscribers’ Books for Sale (Great Presents for Birthdays & other special occasions )

Celine Rose Mariotti
Title of book Minister's Shoes.
167 page Perfect bound,
ISBN 978 1-61386 244 5;
The book can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Omnilit or Kobo, or you can order from me at: or from my publisher, Short description: Minister's Shoes is a cozy mystery set in a little town called Corning, Alabama USA. Rev. Castle solves mysteries with the help of the Lord Who appears to him and gives him clues. In the first book of the series; Sada Sampson asks Rev. Castle to find her husband Trevor who took off with his mistress and emptied out his bank accounts. She promises Rev. Castle a pair of shoes if he finds her husband. He sets out to search for him and discovers Trevor is knee deep in a casino deal. When Cartwright is murdered, Trevor is accused of the murder. Rev. Castle sets out to prove his innocence.

Irene Heaney presents a colorfully illustrated, amusing story about what her children called Grandpa’s Magic Hair his wig. It is a light-hearted story that teaches about showing kindness and helping one another. 24 page full colour Perfect Bound ISBN 978 1 50350 101 0 Price USDS24.19 or E.Book USDS5.99 www. reneheane .com Neil Cullen McKinley has several books available on line from httr:

Neil Cullan McKinlay has several books available on line from plus the paperback ‘Song of creation’ is available direct from the author for $20 plus p&p. The Hard cover ‘From Mason t0 Minister Through the Lattice’ is also available directly from Neil for $25 plus p&p. See page 5 for Neil’s contact details.

Lloyd Stewart has had a controversial religious fiction book called "My Friend Jesus" published. It is based on a fictional friend of Jesus and, surprisingly, it is written in contemporary every day language. $15 plus $5 postage. Email for details.

Helen Taylor
‘The word in my face'
A nature diary illus with water colours describing a voyage of discovery into the district chosen for retirement. $20 inc. P&P
‘Emu can't fly’
An anthropomorphic story for children in which birth are the changers. It helps self-esteem by portraying that we all have some sort of talent $12 inc. P&P
‘Without Him'
chapbook size publication containing poems of love and loss for her late husband. $5 inc. P&P

Dominic di Marti-tin Cuoire e Un’anima raccolta di Poesie. A collection of over 200 pages of poetry in Italian. Available direct from the author $15. Plus p&p.

Val McMurray-Halloween Fires A Mediaeval Tale set in the fourteenth century published by Book Pal. An intriguing story of a Satanists. 250 page perfect bound $12.50 plus p&p ($3 Australia)

Ray Carmichael-no secret fear. The title poem began as a challenge to writer’s block and then bound the entire collection together, with each poem confronting and displaying the situations which can be simple or bizarre, but are part of daily life. $20.00 plus $5.00 postage. 76 pages.

Audrey Kemmett-A Dent in her Halo. A complicated love triangle with plenty of emotional ups and downs, temptation, mystery and suspected murder. Audrey is a writes poetry, short fiction and articles on various subjects. This is her first novella which can be ordered by phone (08) 8240 4131 and purchased by cheque or money order for $10.00 plus $2.00 p&h. from 11 Hardy Street, Rosewater, SA 5013.

Margaret Campbell-Cecilia’s War a 132 page A5 perfect bound verse novel for any age group, a young child’s story of family break up against a background of WWII; Legacies 110 pages of short stories and poetry exploring the realities and aftermath of war. $17 each P&H included from Margaret Campbell, 7 Muirhead Cres, Werribee 3030.

Beverley George and Tumi K Steyn The Preposterous Frog This book is a result of a two year collaboration between an Australian author and a South African artist. It is hoped the book will help this young artist with her career. The book can be read to children as young as five and by independent readers aged 6-9, and will appeal to all. It is available from The Children's Bookshop, Beecroft; Book Bazaar. Umina; and the Regional Gallery at Gosford. Also from the author. ($15 including postage within Australia) Enquiries to Beverley George, P0 Box37, Pearl Beach 2256.

Mary E. Healy
The Return of the Dead Man with other stories and Poems. This book is 198 pages A5 Perfect Bound published by FreeXpresSion, ISBN 0 9579441 2 8 and is available from the author:2 Paul Street Panania NSW 2213 Telephone (02)9772007. Price: $14.95 including postage and handling

Alice Dunn
Nurses Verses
80 pages, illustrated some humorous, including Bush Poetry, Handy Hints and Simple Remedies. New edition Perfect Bound $15 including P&H. Available from Alice 74 William St Condoblin 2887.

A Score and More
A delightful collection of stories from Valerie. A very good read at only $20, including CD plus 81.50 ’&P ALSO:
The Glamour of Silence
An Inspiring Love Story with a lifference. Into Ryan's frenetic, cut throat life, appears profoundly leaf Julia. Can she earn her place in this challenging arena and Jrove the right to be by his side despite scheming rivals who would .ear her world apart? Part of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Deaf Community. Price $19.95 for subscribers to FreeXpresSion post and packaging are incl. in price, within Australia.

Denis McGill
Random Ramblings
A collection of 56 poems in a 96 page A5 Perfect Bound paper back. Topics range from the Author’s involvement in cricket to his love of Ireland .Price is $20 inc P & H Order from Denis at 21/7 Acraman Street, Victor Harbor, SA.5211. Telephone (08)8552 3249.

David Campbell
Morning Light
is a collection of 11 original stories in a 72 page A5 perfect bound paperback. Distinctly Australian stories explore the lives of people in their immediate environment, both urban and rural. Price $15 (inc p&h) Order from; David Campbell,1 Spioer St, Beaumaris, Vic.3193. Email:

Pamela Blackie
Leaf in the Wind,
Pamela's unforgettable Life Story told in 204 pages of simple but extremely descriptive narrative. Pamela takes us through her sometimes turbulent life, during, and after WWII. She travels to several countries, during most of the twentieth century. Her ordeals were faced with r endurance and stoicism. Her resilience and outgoing personality is an inspiration to all who meet her. For a cost of $20 (inc p&h) you will be taken on a journey that will hold you spellbound . Order from Freexpression PO box 4 West Hoxton NSW 2171.

Iris Fisher
Rhythms of Life
A self illustrated, short autobiography in story and verse. $10 (inc p&h)
Also Looking at Life
a second collection of 72 poems from the fabric of life.$5 (inc p&h) Phone 66804948 or, email

Barbara Robinson
Singing to the Four Winds
70 pages A5 Perfect Bound (Cost £6.99 British Pounds). Barbara is a UK. writer and subscriber, she regularly submits poems for us. Her book is now available for sale. It is a collection of her latest poetry, which transports one into the beauty of the English countryside; see the changing seasons, you can smell the grass and flowers. Also
A Touch of Nature,
26 pages, perfect bound (Cost £4.00 British Pounds). Fine, descriptive, Nature poems through the seasons. Both available , from the Author: or 1, Hydings Yard, Bagdale, Whitby, North Yorkshire Y021 1QL, United Kingdom. Plus a postage (2 IRCs).

Rosalyn Thomas
Sighting a Dolphin
200 page novel Perfect Bound about suiting suitable for young adults through to adults. “Dolphins saved Matthew’s life but can he save them?” Available from Sid Harta Publishers or any good bookseller; RRP $24.95

Heather Cordeld
Beyond the Ranges.
Life in verse west of the ranges, includes photos. Perfect Bound in A5, 96 Pages. Price is $5, plus postage of $1.50. East of the ranges. Poems and short pieces. 7 Brisbane to Toowoomba. Photos included in the 64 pages. Same price as above. Country Characters. Traditional Verse. 72 pages, with photos. Order by cheque or money order to Heather. 51 Sommerfeld Crescent, Chinchilla Qld. 4413. 1

Cynthia Rowe
‘Floating Nest’
Floating Nest contains an eclectic mix of haiku and senryu, exploring subject matter from coast to country. In this chapbook Cynthia, FAW Writing Fellow, shares with the reader poems that have won awards, or been published in ‘ literary journals, worldwide. Details and preview: or ISBN 978 09874554 7 5, 30pp $AU5.00 plus p&h. Available from the