Poetry: the word comes from an old Greek word meaning to create.

When we sit with a white piece of paper or a blank computer screen and let our creative juices flow--it is amazing just how creative mankind is.

Whether we know or understand some of the finer points of poetry we can all have a go at using this art medium to express ourselves.

Take the mystery out of Sestinas, odes, sonnets, Limericks and Haiku etc.and learn how to both appreciate and write them.

Each month a wealth of poetry is published in the print magazine FreeXpresSion. Australian Bush Verse after the style of Henry Lawson. Sonnets like William Shakespeare composed and a whole host of other literary styles gather together from authors and poets from around the globe to create the wonderful world of FreeXpresSion.


A book of poems is a tree of life;
perfect pages bound to be healing leaves;
scintillating leaves, where choice fruit is rife;
words: spellbound thoughts with invisible breves.
Beneath its shady boughs I long to rest
and meditate on matters much too deep,
or contemplate the simple things—that’s best—
‘till wakeful thinking turns to dreamy sleep.
I slumber; the book slips, falls from my hand;
leaves lay discoloured, crinkled on the ground.
Where is the pleasant evening I had planned?
Where is the tranquil garden I had found?

Truth—kiss again these leaves with your bright glare,
so I may breathe anew fresh, fragrant air.

© Peter F Pike

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